Vintage Circle Skirt Rockabilly Pin Up Skirt – 60s Full Skirt Retro Dita Teese 50s Skirt

You know those times where you are standing in your closet, in front of dozens of options and you just simply hate everything? Well so do we and nine times out of ten we reach for a full skirt because no matter what they usually kick us out of a fashion rut. There is a reason this shape has been continually produced for decades. There is just something so feminine about a full circle skirt!

Try as you might, you can’t imagine anyone else you’d rather be. Consistently confident in areas ranging from academics to adventure, you’re particularly in a good groove when it comes to fab fashion. Admiring the delicious details of this chicly demure, felt skirt including its fitted waist and circle skirt shape, you slip into this gorgeous garment with a smile playing at the corners of your lips. After pairing it with a silk tank, sheer, seamed stockings, and a pair of maroon T-straps, you look as great as you feel. A classic full aline skirt, perfect for cool weather in rich colours.

The shirt measures about 14 1/2″ across and about 31″ down. Lightweight, soft felt with a abstract print against an off-white background. Metal zipper, zips and closes at the back. Meant to be worn high waisted.  IMG_8708_burned


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