Vintage Retro Rolling Serving Cart TV Record Player Stand

Selling this Vintage Mid Century Metal Rolling Bar Serving Cart. It has a black Tone Metal Frame. It has Plastic Wheels. The cart folds up for out of the way storage. It measures about 16″ across, 33″ high.
Ideally, your place would include an outfitted wet bar at which you could entertain hordes of partygoers. Alas, for most of us, that doesn’t seem to be in the cards. Improvise with an old-school bar cart, which has enjoyed a renaissance of sorts in recent years. Equal parts style and function, it will pull double-duty (storage and serving), while instantly adding a cool retro vibe to any space. It has wheels, so you can scoot it around as you see fit, but we prefer treating it as a piece of furniture.
The fifties were a glorious time for designers. Creativity was at a post-war peak, industrial technologies permitted the use of materials and shapes that would have been impossible only a decade prior. The war had made America very conscious of Europe and this new connection formed a commercial byproduct in the way of increased trade. Danish and Italian designs were making their way overseas and into New York showrooms. The biggest change in lifestyle at this time came from the television. Once designers recognized the enormous market for TV related furnishings – they appeared and in great variety! Here is a modern styled TV cart. These were used to push the heavy television sets around. The style used was pure modern – to fit the modern ‘new’ nature of television. Thin lines, dynamic angles. When a heavy television was able to be effortlessly rolled from the living room to the dining area to watch and eat at the same time, a new trend was born – TV at mealtime.IMG_9338

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