Vintage Salvaged Reclaimed Barn Wood Door

As children, most of us have been asked at some point, “Were you raised in a barn?” This question typically comes from a mother upon discovering a door that was left wide open invariably by the child! Whether open or closed, there is a fascination with barn doors. Perhaps it is the barn door that evokes fond memories for those who grew up around or on a family farm or maybe it is just a reminder of more simple times. Whatever the appeal, barn doors are currently a popular decorating trend in homes and businesses.
Vintage 100 plus year old barn door was rescued from a Pennsylvania Farm. The door has large iron strap hinges. Door can be converted to a rolling barn door by adding hardware or used as a room divider. Many decorators just hang these on a wall as an architectural element. Own your own unique barn treasure. It measures about 36″ across and about 78″ tall. IMG_9443_burned


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