Vintage Industrial Post Office Sorting Cubbyholes

This antique post office sorter would make an amazing conversation piece in your cottage home, apatment, beach house or store. Great mail cubbies to display collections or mail. It has the original paint and left over markings from what went into each cubby. This is a clever and practical piece of a vintage mail sorter, if you live in a climate cold enough where you would need all your mittens and scarves handy by the door! It can be used to store wine bottles, but also can serve as a mudroom organizer for a full family assortment of winter wear. I think the small shelves would also be perfect for things that normally get lost in the mix, like keys, wallets, sunglasses and — what else? — incoming and outgoing mail. It measures about 23″ deep, 36″ wide and about 72″ tall.


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