Velma Vintage


  • Leather Ankle Croaker Boots

    Very solid well made boots. They have the original soles and heels, and you might want to replace them. The heels are wearing at edges. Fine looking boots, with extra stitching details, built to last. Size 10. BUY

  • Vintage Japanese Alligator Skin Purse

    The bag is in great shape. I like to leave most items I find inside the vessel I found them in. This one is no exception. I like the connection it brings to the items. Among the items in the purse is a charm. So best of luck to you. The bag measures about 12″…

  • Vintage Japanese Kimono Michiyuki Shirt

    The michiyuki is traditionally worn on top of a kimono, but also makes a great jacket or dress to complement any clothing. This Michiyuki has a narrow fit, with snap closures. It is great as-is for sizes 2-10. There is some discoloration, as you can see in one of the photos, but it does not…

  • Vintage Haori Kimono Jacket

    Dress up, dress down. Ready for formal wear or the beach. Or just dance your heart out. BUY

  • Vintage Peachy Dream Nightgown Dress

    Do you wish you had a vintage nightgown that’s so pretty, you wish everyone could see it? This is all you need, it has a natural waits draping down from your chest, no need for a belt. The center front of the skirt is gathered and falls with such elegance. The designs lifts where you…

  • Vintage Red Crepe Haori Japanese Kimono

    Great cover up for this up and down weather. Wear over your bathing suit to the beach. Dress up your evening outfit. Super versatile. The Haori is made of a silk crepe material.

  • Vintage Japanese Pencil Skirt

    Super cute with a little bit of flare. It measures 13″ across the waist and 19″ across the hips. BUY

  • Vintage Black Funeral Men’s Kimono

    This is such a gorgeous classy kimono. There is some deterioration at the family mark, as you can see in the pics. Otherwise nice condition. BUY

  • Vintage Cotton Child Kimono

    There are a few surface spots on the kimono. I’ve been carefully removing them, but wanted to note that just in case they do not all come out. Even though it’s technically a child’s kimono, it fits me just cute. I’m a small person, so that should be noted. BUY

  • TOKIDOKI Leopard Leo Print Messenger Bag W Charm

    Large messenger bag. Like New condition. The buckles and clasps are shiny gold, and the print is super cute, leopard and tokidoki print with lots of tokidoki characters printed on top of the leopard print. It measures about 16″ across and 14″ high. BUY