Kathleen Griffin Original Painting

This is a painting for over your sofa or hallway. It is very large and it like living in a dream. There is the old house, girl on the bike, and butterfly’s, in a swirl of a dream that is finished, but could not be just as well. The painting lets you float into your …


Vintage Black Velvet Painting Landscape Scene Wood Frame

The 1970s trend was triggered by a man named Edgar Leeteg. In the 1930s, Leetag lived in Tahiti and was known as the “American Gauguin” for his paintings of tropical flowers, waterfalls and children. One fateful day, he went out to buy a canvas at a general store, but all the clerk had to offer …

Vintage Framed Nature Woodland Painting on Black Velvet

Colors of the painting are strong and do not appear to have seen much light. It is gorgeous. It has a carved wood frame. The painting is super vibrant and would make a great statement in your living room or any room.