Vintage Dutchmaid White Slip

Vintage white nylon/poly slip dress with beautiful bodice. Simple, chic, would make a great summer dress. It measures about 20″ across the bust and about 18″ across the waist. BUY


Red Lion Asian Wood Mask

This is an Asian traditional wooden red painted mask. It has a face of demon or mythical lion painted on black background. Inside the mask colorful light can be installed to give a glow from mouth. It measures about 13″ long and about 10″ wide. BUY

Vintage WWII US Army Military M-1943 Field Jacket Coat

The M-1943 jacket has a outer shell with a cotton lining. The waist is adjustable with an internal drawstring. The wrists can be closed by buttons. The jacket could be closed with buttons under a fly cover, creating a smooth front. There are four reinforced cargo pockets, two at chest level and two below the waist line of the jacket. Paratroopers wore them for Market-Garden and they were widely available to Army units in the Fall of 1944, and thereafter. This was my grandfathers, who was a paratrooper. It measures about 19″ across the shoulders and about 21″ across the armpits. BUY

Steel Horse Sculpture Sink Basin

The piece is titled “They carry their river on their backs” and make by kathleen Griffin

It was cast while she was an artist in residence at the Arts and Industry Program at the Kohler company. A fourth horse is currently included in the John Michael Kohler Collection, which is an important private American Collection affiliated with the John Michael Kohler Art Center. This single horse in their collection is valued at $15,000 which represents the market value of its casting.

The piece is cast in ductal steel and finished in white gloss paint. It has shown at Sloss Furnaces Art Center in Birmingham Alabama, SUNY Cortland Down Gallery, Out of Birmingham Show at Space 301 in Mobile and Schedler Minchin Fine Art in Birmingham Alabama
This horse is missing an ear and priced accordingly and could be coated in marine varnish and used as an actual sink. It measures about 60″ long, 17″ wide, and 30″ high.