Antique Enterprise Cherry Pitter Fruit Stoner

This antique Cherry Stoner made by Enterprise Manufacturing of Philadelphia is perfect for any rustic farmhouse kitchen. It’s made of heavy cast iron. It has a heavy built in screw clamp which holds very securely to table or counter top. The simple crank mechanism moves freely with no squeaking or binding. BUY


Butterfly Drawings by Kathleen Griffin

This is what the artist wrote about her piece “The first thing that you will notice is a yellow shimmer in the distance, a bit of color hovering in the sky. The building that yesterday was collapsed now is hopeful; its dilapidation impossibly reformed by the butterflies that are lifting it up, giving flight to its loneliness. The angle of their flight is accentuated by the cables they trail behind them, as they fight to drag the structure off with them. They are captured in a moment of emotional architecture, the weight of their burden defining a structure in space. This work explores our emotional relationship to the buildings that surround us, expressing the loneliness, isolation, hope, romance, love and rage that it inflicts upon us and we on it. Initially inspired my Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s 100 Years of Solitude, the butterflies are a physical manifestation of emotion.” It measures about 24″ across and about 19″ high. It is framed with a simple metal frame. BUY

Mid Century Modern 1950’s Daybed Pull Out Platform Sofa

Make a statement with this fab Mid century modern platform sofa with solid wood frame and tapered brass tip legs. It would most certainly make a fantastic addition to your industrial style or mid-century inspired space. This sofa can also double as a comfortable bed for an overnight guest and pull out to a full bed and sleeps 2 people. The cushions have been replaced and are relativly brand new, upholstered in a multi-colored upholstery. Also included are several pillows. The sofa’s frame is very sturdy and solid, however slight shifting of the frame over time means that the table tops fit slightly off of square. Legs and back support can be removed to allow for easier entry into your home. The frame shows some wear and the cushioning has a few tears to one of the cushions, but can also be recovered if desired. The end tables can be removed and do not appear to be original. It measures about 122″ across, 26″ high, and about 31″ deep. BUY