Lydia Rockett

I am located in the heart of Williamsburg Brooklyn, you may come view anything by appointment. Or on the weekends from 12-6 at 91 N 1st St.

I will do pop-ups and markets that I find fun. Always hit me up and I’m happy to join. Or if you are fun, they contact me and I’ll have you join the pop-ups I am a part of.


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  1. I wanted to know the price on the small wooden vintage desk with drawers on both sides

  2. Hi. Do you still have the 3 circus patches for sale? (Ariana,Greatest Show Celebrating 125yrs-sears and the other). Please let me know. Thank you.

    1. That’s gone, I sold it already. I go shopping in Japan every New Year. Check back with me in the New Year.

  3. hi.i’m coming to williamsburg now / have a large round painted weathered coca cola metal sign in my trunk…….if you would be interested in buying this please call me……………347-249-3613

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