Vintage Industrial Skid Pallet Low Coffee Table IBM Wood Steel

This is a vintage wooden pallet with steel frame On the top is written “property of IBM Corp” stamp in the wood. This is back when International Business Machines was working on military machines, prior to personal computers.It would be perfect as a low coffee table. It measures about 29″ wide, and 24″ deep and […]

Tree Stump Live Edge Coffee Table On Ellen Show Handmade

Unless an interior design is meant to be super clean, futuristic and minimalistic, a touch of rusticity is always welcomed. Rustic designs embrace the unique beauty of the materials used in their construction and this table is no different. Wood slice table tops can comfortably fit into most modern homes without necessarily changing their style […]

Vintage French Style Long Coffee Table Boho

If you’re an antique lover then this coffee table is exactly the type of thing you’d like. It’s an vintage coffee table with a very distinguished look and with lots of unique details. It features a classic country French style. The vintage table will surely add warmth and style to any home. You can use […]

Vintage Folding Deck Chair with Nylon Webbed Strap

Folding Wood frame beach chairs or loungers with vintage nylon webbing. Here’s a pair folding lawn chairs perfect for taking camping or using on your deck, patio or around your pool. The webbing is multi-color and is in good condition. Chairs open and close easily. There show some slight wear/stray marks from normal use.

Vintage Green Depression Glass Ashtray

Round Green Depression Uranium Glass Ashtray with Matchbook Holder. From the 1930’s, A beautiful and elegant ashtray. Made with uranium this ashtray glows gloriously under a black light. A great addition to any green glass collector. There are four cradles for cigarettes cross facing around the edge and a holder in the center for a […]

Vintage Salvaged Reclaimed Barn Wood Door

As children, most of us have been asked at some point, “Were you raised in a barn?” This question typically comes from a mother upon discovering a door that was left wide open invariably by the child! Whether open or closed, there is a fascination with barn doors. Perhaps it is the barn door that […]

Vintage Salvaged Shabby Chic Reclaimed Window

Throwing out any old doors, wood or windows is a shame because they are full of character. Salvaged windows are one of the easiest and most affordable ways to integrate architectural elements into your home decor. Build a terrarium, Use old windows to build a tall jewelry/display case, Put an old window in the center […]

Reclaimed Salvaged Barn Door Headboard Table Top

A quick search on Pinterest will pull up a long list of creative ideas on how to repurpose old barn doors. Salvaged barn doors are being used as headboards, mantel decorations, wall decor, baby gates and table tops. But mostly, they are being hung and used as interior sliding doors. Sliding doors take up less […]