1960s Stanton Jr’s Petite Chiffon 2 Pc Outfit

The sleeves are see through. The dress has an out layer of sheer chiffon and the underneath is a nice and lined. The tag reads Stanton Jr Petite. The underarms have a bit of wear. The out fit measures 38 cm across the shoulders, 46 cm across the armpits, 32cm across the waist, 46 cm …

1960s Loose Fitting Open Linen Cropped Boxy White Jacket

This jacket has a boxy, structured fit and features a simple rounded neck with single button and two side pockets, and is fully lined. This is a lightweight open linen jacket, meant to be worn loose and open. It measures about 38 cm across the shoulders, 54 cm across the armpits. BUY

1970s Mustard Yellow Turtleneck Sweater

Warm and simple this turtleneck sweater will make your winter style. The knitwear is soft and supple thus easily adapts to body figure. It measures 45cm across the shoulders, and 44 cm across the armpits. BUY

Vintage Plymoth Splash Elliott Bass Brown Rain Coat

Great A line shape . Chocolate brown with a belt. The belt has some wear on it, you can see in the photos. It measures about 15″ across the shoulders, 19″ from armpit to armpit, 17″ across the waist 21″ across the hips. BUY

Vintage Leather 1970s Boho Coat

Vintage 1970’s AKOB Leather Jacket. Brown leather button up coat. Mid, thigh length jacket, 3 button front, open collar neckline, 3 front pockets, 2 inside pockets. The top button is missing, but there is a spare on the inside of the jacket. It measures about 18″ across the shoulders and about 22″ across the chest.