Vintage Gray Lined Japanese Kimono

The kimono is lined with pink and red lining. It’s a gray abstract design all around. Perfect color to go with anything you want to dress up, style up, or chic up. BUY


1940s Japanese WWII Military Coat With Surprise

The coat if very heavy and thick. It comes complete with a loop for your sword. The buttons on the coat are wooden in a nice offset color. The wording on the inside states that the size is small, the model number is type 3, made in the Japanese era that would correspond to 1944, it passes inspection and possibly the persons name that inspected it. Totally almost deadstock condition, super minor wear. The surprise that comes with the jacket is the charm that was found on in the inside pocket. The charm is from the prefecture where the shrine is know to protect against death. BUY

Vintage Japanese All Wood Kusuribako Medicine Box

Medicine Boxes were used all over Japan in the 20’s. They contained all the important first-aid items that one would find in one’s own medicine cabinet today, and could be found in every home in Japan. Every few months someone would visit and restock any medicine or first-aid item that would need replenishing in the home. Medicine Boxes often had great calligraphy, denoting the area they came from or the medical supply company’s name and the list of supplies in the box. The boxes are usually made from Paulownia Wood, so I would guess this one is too. Paulownia wood is great for keeping items in good condition and keeps the box itself tight. This Medicine wood box has a metal drawer pull. I snag this the last time I was in Japan with many other goodies. The box measures 7″ across by, 8″ long, by 4″ high. BUY