Vintage Japanese Coca-Cola Crate Yellow Wood

The crate is in great condition. I believe the writing says they are home size bottles. It is a wooden crate. I just picked this up on my last trip to Japan along with a bunch of other things. Original hard to find yellow Coca Cola crate from the 1960’s- 70s from Japan. These crates …


1940s Japanese WWII Military Coat With Surprise

The coat if very heavy and thick. It comes complete with a loop for your sword. The buttons on the coat are wooden in a nice offset color. The wording on the inside states that the size is small, the model number is type 3, made in the Japanese era that would correspond to 1944, …

Vintage 1970’s Kimono Robe

Elegant classic design of birds and cherry blossoms. It is a homongi style kimono. It is in good condition, shows some signs of wear, but overall really great appearance. The fabric is silk with a dyed and embroidered technique. It measures 61″ long.