Vintage Beautyware Chrome Folding Step Stool

Vintage Folding Step Stool Chair Mid Century Lincoln BeautyWare. Chrome body with decorative vinyl covered seat that folds up. Its about 32″ tall. Handy step ladder chair. Great mid century retro piece. Show signs of use and age. The seat, step and back rest are solid and sturdy. Light weight and folds easily for storage. Ready for use. A great piece for your DIY project. Designed to help out in the kitchen many ways. One it is a step stool for those hard to reach items, also it is a great place to sit and work on more involved tasks in the kitchen. I sure remember sitting on kitchen chairs like these and put to work as a kid in the kitchen. Folds up to about 6 inches wide save room in storage.IMG_7602 IMG_7603


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  1. I have a 1960’s Beautyware stool exactrly like the one in the posted picture that I use on a daily basis. This stool has followed us from Schuyler Nebraska to Puerto Rico back to Lincoln. It is still perfectly functional

    1. I have a yellow one that I am going to keep forever. Every time I see one, I grab it. I have such fond memories of these from my grandparents house.

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