Vintage Nagoya Silk Obi Japanese Kimono Belt Table Runner Fabric

This is Japanese Vintage Obi called ‘ Nagoya obi ‘. Very shiny and Gorgeous!! This obi belt had been used. There are wrinkle on back side. Holding line on front side.
Still Excellent condition. Will be perferct to wear with Kimono in formal occasions and also will be ideal your craft projects such as tapestry, wall hanging, and table runner, etc. Some minor ageing visible but the condition is quite good vintage.

An obi is a belt or sash for traditional Japanese Kimono. A Nagoya Obi is lighter and simpler than the fukuro or maru obi. The nagoya obi is characterised by a portion of the obi being pre-folded and stitched in half. The narrow part wraps around the waist, while the wider part forms the bow of the obi tie.

Worn traditionally as an obi, this would make a stunning belt for your kimono or western wear. It could also be used as a table runner, bed runner, wall hanging, cushion covers, clothing, tapestries, wall hanging, pillow covers, mats, handbags (see my handmade bags as examples), window decoration or as material for your next Japanese inspired project.

All items come directly from my trips to Japan and are a wonderful touch of Japanese culture to wear or for your home decor.

These kimonos are Recycled Vintage items and may have small stains, age spots or other spots that I haven’t found, so if this would be an issue for you then please understand that these are not new before purchasing. I tried to photograph every spot I found. IMG_8349_burned IMG_7470

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