Velma Vintage

Rustic Farmhouse Vintage Table Light Repurposed Wooden Chic Style

Add the perfect, authentically vintage touch to your home with this beautiful light, handmade. Ideal for use in a small dining area, favorite reading corner, next to bed, the rustic yet elegant look of it works well in any number of design styles, whether you favor farmhouse, industrial, cottage, or vintage decor. We love the patina our materials have gathered throughout their long lives, and we leave them “as is” as much as possible. The lamp was made by my dad. He started making furniture, when hurricane Sandy destroyed his property. It knocked down almost his whole forest and insurance did nothing to help with the clean up. So he has been putting together furniture with the wood and my broken antiques, for a new look. This is a lamp that will definitely become a conversation piece when guests arrive at your home. It measures about 11″ across with the shade and about 30″ high. IMG_9773

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