Antique Wood Ladder Rustic Flowers Pots Pans Quilts Primitive Decor

Okay is it just me, or are vintage ladders everywhere… and fabulous?!? There is nothing like vintage ladders and their versatility. May they happily be in households everywhere. Create a stylish and surprising bookcase in the living room, design place to display other vintage items and decor, make a bathtub rack for a vintage styled powder room, get magazines out of a pile and hang them, hang in the kitchen and use as a stylish pot rack, store and display your jewelry, hang family photos and letters with twine as a decorative touch, create beautiful bedside table for books and linens, add on wire baskets for vertical storage, hang lanterns and candles for outdoor lighting. This ladder has lovely patina and old paint. Great metal attachments. A timeless decorative item for your home.
I love ladders. They have limitless possibilities and bring an industrial farmhouse vibe to any space. Suspend over a kitchen island for a pot rack, lean one into a corner for a rustic quilt rack, or hang horizontally along a wall for shelving. Whether they are splattered with paint, adorned with rusty hardware, or just collecting dust in your garden shed you can bring it inside for instant vintage character.
This ladder is about 5′ high image_burned(8)


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