Vintage 1960’s Kidney Shaped Dressing Vanity Table W Trifold Mirror

A kidney shape for your vanity table will be a good choice, you will get a unique look. More fascinating feeling in your home will be obtained by choosing the best furniture for every room in your home. I’ve been selling these for a number of years and find these are becoming harder and harder to find. A skirt once adorned this from top to floor. It was attached all around the vanity for a touch of elegance. One could be easily added on with your favorite fabric. This table does have the swing out arms that allows you to open the two drawers. The wood table is most likely made of pine.
The vanity table is in good, sturdy shape with some minor scratches, some imperfections on mirror, otherwise the mirror is clear. You can easily re- paint this for your shabby, cottage chic,
romantic decor. This can also be used as a side table, dressing table, computer desk for that childs’ room. It measures about 30″ across and about 16″ deep and about 48″ high. DSCN2472_burned


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