Antique Wood Carpenter Tool Chest Trunk Coffee Table Primitive Indus

Vintage wooden boxes were used for all types of equipment storage and home organization. If you’re of the baby boom age or older you will probably quickly relate to how people would bring new gadgets home and then quickly build wooden boxes to protect and store their prized purchases. You probably will also remember all types of wooden boxes being used in your grandparents, aunts and uncles homes for storing all types of things around the home and workshops.
Original and intact 19th century oversized nicely weathered and worn painted wood carpenters chest with drop handles. The custom-built wood chest was used by a carpenter in Pennsylvania. It was my grandfathers and I left some of his notes still in the box. The spacious interior contains removable tool trays built specifically for this chest. The heavily worn paint finish was lightly cleaned. IMG_8553_burned(1) IMG_8557_burned


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